Hallmarked Sterling Silver

Manufacturing Processes & How Our Products are Different from Lower Quality Product.

    "Sterling silver" by definition is 92.5% (.925) parts silver.  The remaining 7.5% is copper to provide strength and reenforcement.  All Feinberg sterling silver has a "Hallmark" to assure you it is genuine sterling silver.  All our British sterling silver has a British hallmark.  That is the British government's guarantee that it is genuine sterling silver.

    The British sterling hallmark is provided by the British Assay office, an independent government office and not the factory where the silver is produced.  Each British sterling silver product will have the following stamps in the silver.

 These marks will vary with Assay Office City.

Feinberg Hallmarks
    Feinberg also stocks select Italian sterling silver made by the finest Italian silversmiths.  All of our Italian sterling silver has the Italian hallmark to assure you it is genuine .925 sterling silver.

Silver Plate

    Feinberg English Silver uses only the finest British and European factories for our silver plate products.  Our products are made to commercial standards of silver plating.  This means our silver plate has between 10 to 50 microns of silver plate over a copper base.  Feinberg English Silver plate trays and holloware products have a "Makers Mark" to assure you the product is made in England.

    Typical silver plate from Asia uses 1 micron or less which can quickly wear through to the base metal; which is frequently a less expensive metal than copper.  Also, many inexpensive products that are called "silver plate" are actually "shiney nickel" which looks like silver but is not boss.

English Antiques 

    Feinberg's antique collection (Michael Feinberg, Inc.) are guaranteed to be the best quality, genuine English antiques.  Rare antiques are hand selected by Marvin Feinberg who makes special trips each year to England, looking to find the finest pieces at the best prices.  He is well known among the finest dealers of silver antiques and visits a wide range of antique fairs to find unique silver pieces.