Selling Antique Silver Pieces

Sell Antique Silver 

Do you have antique silver you are interested in selling? We can help you.

We may be interested in buying your silver or taking it in on consignment, which is your best option for higher quality and popular items.

What is your silver worth?

That depends on the material, the rarity, and popularity of the item. With over 75 years of industry experience, we know what antique silver is worth in today's market.

  • Sterling Silver pieces are the easiest to sell, because they have value as a metal, and may have extra value if in good condition, rare or popular.
  • Silver Plated piece values depend on the desirability of the item, condition, rarity, and popularity.

Consign your silver with Feinberg

Consign your silver with us. By consigning with a reputable antique silver dealer, you have the best chance of getting a good price for your items. 

The process:

  • Contact us.
  • Share photo's of your item, or describe with as much detail as possible.
  • If we think we can sell it for you, we will send you our standard consignment agreement to sign. 
    • We keep a 35% share of the net sale price (net of credit card fees, if applicable, and packing and shipping charges).
    • We require 180 days to sell the item or would require a fee (equal to 10% of the initial price) to cover the expenses involved with photography, shipping, appraisal, and listing. 
  • Ship your items with our label or our account number, or bring them to us in Westport, CT. 
  • We will photograph and list your item on this website.
  • When the item sells, you will be paid.
  • How long the process will take depends on the popularity of the item and the price.

Sell your silver to Feinberg

We may be interested in buying your silver pieces, which would be faster than consigning, but may bring you a lower price. The price we offer depends on the composition of the material, desirability, and condition of the item.

  • Sterling Silver always has value for the metal, so the value isn't dependent upon the desirability of the item.
  • Silver Plated pieces don't have intrinsic metal value. Their value depends on the popularity, condition, and maker.

 Contact Us

Take the first step to selling your Antique Silver with us. You can email (best) or call Monday - Friday, between 10-5 pm @ 203-529-3967