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Very Fine, Unusual English Silver Plated Cann Tea & Coffee Service c. 1875

The very fine English silver plated tea and coffee service - circa 1875 -  is oval cann shaped ( lighthouse ) with lovely cast applied bands of scrolls and rosettes at the top and bottom quadrants.  The pieces all have cast applied shields with hand engraved leaves for monogramming.  The pieces all have flat bottoms and flat lids with the coffee and teapots having flush hinges ( one of the signs of a very high quality piece ).  The two pots have scroll walnut handles. The sugar and creamer have silver scroll handles with the creamer having a simple spout.  The coffee and teapots have angular spouts and ebony finials.


Coffee Pot - height 9", width 3 3/4", length 4 3/4", length handle to spout 8 1/2"

Teapot - height 5 3/4", width 4 1/4", length 5 3/4", length handle to spout 10"

Sugar - height 4", width 3 3/4", length 5", length over handles 7"

Creamer - height 4 3/4", width 2 1/2", length 3 3/8", length handle to spout 4 1/2"





silver, epns, walnut, ebony


Possibly Charles Favel of Creswich and Company